Commercial & Residential Services

Just a few of the services we provide:


One of the most important materials of our day and age, and one that requires professional services to keep maintained so that society can get on with its business. Our asphalt services include:

* Repair and patching for all types of roads and driveways.
* Infrared asphalt repair.
* Grading.
* Milling asphalt.
* Overlaying asphalt.
* Striping.
* Demolition.
* Hauling.


In a highly rugged and mountainous region like East Tennessee, high power professional-grade trucks are necessary for a variety of agricultural, business, and basic needs throughout the areas. Ingles Paving provides many of these services for Sevier County and all surrounding counties.

Our trucking services include:

* Gravel sales and delivery.
* Sand sales and delivery.
* Dirt sales and delivery.
* Hourly hauling.
* Contract hauling.

Additional services may also be provided along these lines as well.


We have everything we need to custom-build and design a driveway for your residential or commercial building. We can also pave out a space for a parking lot and complete it with striping. Filling and repairing pot holes and cracks in public/private roadways is part of the Ingles Paving commitment to quality too!

Our paving service includes:

* The aforementioned parking lot paving and striping.
* Repair and custom work for residential and private roads.
* Repair and custom work for speed bumps.
* Asphalt overlay.
* Pavement sealing.
* Maintenance and custom work for highway tie-ins.


Whether you’re redoing your outside decor, rebuilding a gravel driveway, putting in sand for a playground area or needing dirt for your property, Ingles has the equipment to haul it to your house or business. We can also service icy roads for when Winter weather shuts down Sevier County.

If you’d like to have some hauling done for any reasonable purpose, contact us today on our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to work something out. Thank you for considering Ingles Paving!